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It's time for a new mini guide. Today I will share some favorite spots for shopping and eating in a very lovely area in Rome without too many tourists: Prati.

If you go to the left on Piazza del Popolo, continue straight ahead and then cross the Tiber, you end up in Prati. The area has many good shops, especially on Via Cola di Rienzo, and is less affected by tourism than for example the area around Via del Corso.

If you want a break from the shopping and leave the crowded streets, you should try the cozy Borghi (Borgo Pio, Borgo S. Angelo, etc.), located just before Piazza del Risorgimento on the left side of Via Cola di Rienzo in the area between Via Crescenzio and Via della Conciliazione.


Castroni is the place to go, if you want to buy specialties from around the world. There are several Castroni shops in Rome. Most of them also have a bar, and coffee is indeed one of the things, that Castroni sells and is famous for. At Castroni's you find numerous brands of quality chocolate, tea and sweets. This is where the Romans buy their ingredients, when they have to prepare international dishes such as Mexican, Thai and sushi. Castroni also has a large selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegar. Even if you don’t have to buy anything, Castroni is always worth a visit. If for nothing else, because of the fantastic smell of coffee and the sight of the colorful shelves filled with international delicacies.

Via Cola di Rienzo 196. T. +39 06 6874383 www.castroni.it (Visit the website for more addresses).

Ego Yoga

If you are going to be in Rome for a longer period and if you are a yoga addict, there is one place you have to visit, and where I'll bet you'll return to again and again, once you have tried it.

Ego Yoga is the only yoga center in Europe, where you can take classes in True Power Yoga certified by American yoga guru Mark Blanchard. This kind of yoga is extremely hard and thus very effective, and teacher (and owner of Ego) Max Grossi is amazing. The center also has Ashtanga on the menu, but personally I prefer True Power Yoga.

I haven't been to a yoga class here for way too many years, but I still remember those one and a half hour every Tuesday and Thursday when, after work, I went here to clear my mind and use every possible muscle in my body. Needless to say you feel amazing after a class of True Power Yoga.

Via Cola di Rienzo 162. T. +39 06 68807652 www.ego-yoga.it


S.T. stands for Senza Titolo, which in Italian means Untitled. S.T. is a place for all photo enthusiasts. In here you will find a combination of a gallery, shop and cafe. Here you can look at the many photo books and buy them, if you want to continue at home. You can sit at the long table surrounded by beautiful photographs on the walls and drink a cup of coffee or eat lunch. In the basement there are changing photo exhibitions, and on Sundays brunch is served at S.T. Feel free to bring your laptop. The place has got free wi-fi.

Via degli Ombrellari 25. T. +39 06 64760105 www.stsenzatitolo.it

Lucky Dog

If you bring your dog or (probably less likely) your cat on vacation, you need to know where to find Rome's best retailer of food and accessories for the little friends. Lucky Dog is a real supermarket for pets, and here you can find everything for your animals; foods, cat and dog transport, toys, dog baskets, dog collars etc. Prices are generally slightly lower than in ordinary shops. The chain has numerous locations in Rome, but the most centrally located is in Via Marcantonio Colonna in Prati. And if you didn’t bring your animal to Rome but decided to leave him or her at home, then you can always buy a little gift in here to bring back for them.

Via Marcantonio Colonna 62. T. +39 06 3235157 www.luckydog.it

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