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Palazzo del freddo, house of coldness, is one of Rome's best places for ice cream. The roots of the Fassi dynasty go back to 1881. A funny story laid the foundations for what is today Rome's oldest ice cream store. In the early 19th century Giovanni Fassi worked at the royal court. One day, all the kitchen staff was ordered to no longer wear beards, but Giovanni Fassi refused to give up his moustache, and thus quit his job. This was the start of Fassi's ice cream empire, and in 1928 he bought the property in Via Principe Eugenio and founded Palazzo del freddo.

Here you can enjoy homemade ice cream made in the back of the store. There is much to choose from, and it's all good, so it's possible that you will have to stop by Fassi more than once. Besides the regular ice cream, available in cup or cone, Fassi sells the famous little Sampietrini (named after the Roman cobblestones) covered with chocolate, strawberry or pistachio. You can also buy tiramisù semifreddo, and you can get ice cream shaped like sandwiches, biscuits, and more. You can buy the ice cream by weight in order to bring it home with you, and if you stop by Fassi in the winter you can have pancakes and hot chocolate.

Via Principe Eugenio 65 T. +39 06 4464740 www.palazzodelfreddo.it


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