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If I am to recommend a place to go in Rome, where everything is local, where the Romans live, and where everything is beautiful and charming, well then it has to be Garbatella.

Garbatella was born in 1920. The neighborhood was built as a Borgata Giardino (a green neighborhood with lots of gardens) and the special thing about Garbatella today are indeed the many houses with small gardens as well as several public gardens.

Originally Garbatella was a working class neighborhood, but over time it has become increasingly popular, and today it is quite in, and it is not exactly cheap to live here.

Garbatella is traditionally a “left wing” area, and the red color is also central when it comes to football, since Garbatella is an incarnated AS Roma neighborhood. (With reference to the team colors, Roma is also known as the giallo rossi - the yellow and red ones). Take the metro to Garbatella on a sunny day and take a walk in the area between Circonvallazione Ostiense, Viale Guglielmo Massaia and Via delle Sette Chiese. And remember to bring your camera!

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