looking back at 2012 + happy new year!

It's the last day of 2012, and of course I have to write a "review of the year" post. So here it is.

First of all I should say that 2012 has probably been the year in my whole life which has passed by the fastest. I still remember all details of 31.12.11, as if it was yesterday. Truth is I don't feel like a lot of things happened this year. But of course they did.

First of all I started this blog. I had been blogging on My Sweet Rome, My Sweet Florence and My Sweet Copenhagen + another photo blog called Simple pics from around, but I needed one single space where I could post pics and words, and where I could unite all my travel guides. So in April I created adustyolivegreen.com, named after my favorite color. Speaking about olives, this was my first post.

My Copenhagen blog was featured on the Italian edition of Cosmopolitan. Despite some errors in the article (like me being a wedding photographer!) the result was quite cute.

I published my first book My Sweet Rome. First in Danish and some months later also in English. What a satisfaction to finally see my work on print.

After the end of my maternity leave, I quit my full time job in Rome. Now I'm on my own doing translations. Definitely less money, but so much more time and - most importantly - freedom. I love it!

I visited Berlin for the first time in my life and participated at The Hive. An amazing city and so much inspiration at the blogger conference. I hope I will be able to go again next year.

One of my photos was published in a Danish book about Rome.

2012 was the year where I finally bought my 50 mm f/1.4 lens. I love photographing kids and I love making people happy, when they see the result. I hope that 2013 will bring me much more in terms of this, and I will work hard to learn more and constantly improve my photography.

I spent several months looking for a new apartment, in Rome and in Florence, unable to decide where I wanted to live. In the end I chose Florence, and just a few weeks before having to move out of the old apartment, I finally found my new home.

Finally this was the year we celebrated my daughter's first birthday, the year I heard her say her first words and saw take her first steps. She is nothing less than fabulous :-)

I wish you all an amazing, fantastic, creative, peaceful 2013 and I hope you will all be back again next year as readers of a dusty olive green. Thank you so much for this year!



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