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Hello dear friends,

Today I have some brand new photos to share with you. And they are of course all about Christmas. But first a glimpse of my new home, which I simply love more and more each day.

I have had an intense week with lots of work in terms of translations, but I did have the time to go and visit the Christmas market in Santa Croce, which I mentioned last Sunday, and to take some new photos. Those of you following my Facebook page have already seen the photos two days ago, but I wanted to share them on the blog as well. My own personal favorite is the green one. I just love it, when apparently ordinary things turn out great in a photo.

Next week will be my last week here before going to Copenhagen for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to some Danish Christmas atmosphere, I have a couple of photo sessions and on the 17th I will be at an Italian Christmas event in Copenhagen organized by my friend, Laura from Italiensk Sprogcoaching. So if you are in Copenhagen, come by and say hello. I will be selling prints, calendars and my guide book My Sweet Rome. You can read more about the event on Facebook (in Danish). Hope to see you there!

And now that we are at it there is a little discount on My Sweet Rome, if you shop for at least 50 $ on blurb. Using the code GIVE10 upon check out you get a discount of (surprise!) 10$.

Ok, enough self promotion for today :-)

Here are a few posts I enjoyed this week:

I want to go HERE. After these past 4 pretty stressful "apartment-hunting, working and all the rest" months, I could really really use a weekend at a spa like this. It's in Sweden by the way.

This is kind of too much, but I like it anyway. Two beautiful fashion people in love celebrating their 6 years anniversary. If they didn't look so sweet together, I would hate them for being so perfect :-)

Have a look at this beautiful photo from one of my favorite blogs Beautifully, Suddenly. The post also led me to the blog of Carla Coulson, which I had already heard about from lovely Anya, but kind of forgotten about again :-) I can't wait to follow her work.

And no, I can't get enough of snow and Christmas in these days. Therefore I really enjoyed these amazing photos by Finnish photographer Krista Keltanen.

I am posting this post early, since I will be working all Sunday, so I'm quite sure I have already told you the most interesting part of my week :-)

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Oh your apartment looks great - so glad you found a place you love after all your searching :)

    Love, love the Christmas photos, especially the first one with the lights strung across. Your processing is beautiful.

    Off to check out some of your links now (nice surprise to see me in there too, thank you!) :)

    1. Thank you, Natasha! I want to post more pics from my home, but I still need to take them. Your blog is always a joy to visit :-) Have a lovely Sunday (or whatever day it is in your part of the world right now :-))


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