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In Via Nomentana you find one of Rome's smaller parks, Villa Torlonia, which I very much adore. The name of the park derives from the beautiful villa from the beginning of the 1800, which is located in the park.

The villa was home to Mussolini from 1925 to 1943, but in 1977 the park was purchased by the Municipality of Rome, and the year after it was opened to the public.

In Villa Torlonia you find several museums, including the fun Hansel and Gretel-like house La Casina delle Civette (The Owl House). Finally, in the park you also find the beautiful restaurant, La Limonaia, where you can start or end your day with a lunch. There is the opportunity of dining inside, but you can also choose to eat outside, if you prefer to enjoy the good weather. La Limonaia also stays open in the evening. The food is excellent and the surroundings are very charming. The large space also makes it the perfect place to bring children.

Via Nomentana 70. T. +39 06 060608 www.museivillatorlonia.it Via Spallanzani 1/a. T. +39 06 4404021 www.lalimonaiaroma.it

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