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When you enter this Roman bakery you panic. You see so many cakes, pizza slices and bread, and you want to buy it all ...

Roscioli is one of the oldest bakeries in Rome. Its history dates back to 1824, and here you can indeed find everything: small vegetable pizzas, gluten free bread, spelt bread, chestnut cakes and vol au vents. One of the most popular cakes in here is the soft apple pie, prepared with fresh apples.

Roscioli is the perfect place, if you need a quick bite and you want to be sure that it is both good and not too expensive, a good alternative to the many tourist pizza places in Rome, and of course it's also where you go, when you want to buy a delicious cake to bring home for your afternoon tea.

Via dei Chiavari, 34. T. +39 06 6864045 www.anticofornoroscioli.com

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