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I have wanted to write about Gilli for many months now, I even had the photos ready (missing photos are the main reason why I postpone writing about places, I love. I don't always happen to have my camera with me, when I visit the places, and sometimes - this is especially true when it comes to shops- I feel awkward photographing places or even asking if I can take some photos. I am way too shy when it comes to this...)

Anyway, now is the time.

Gilli is one of the historical cafes in Florence. It dates back to 1733, and I'm quite sure all tourists get to have a cappuccino or a glass of wine here, when they visit Florence, since Gilli is located in the most touristic area of all, Piazza della Repubblica.

But even if Gilli is kind of a tourist attraction, it's also a place where the Florentines stop by for a coffee at the bar counter or an aperitivo.

I love the place. During summertime I order their crema di caffé with whipped cream (this is something special I ask for, usually you don't drink it with whipped cream, since it's quite creamy in itself). The rest of the year I just stop by for a cappuccino at the bar. I have tried to sit down once at the tables in the square, but I have to admit it was kind of disappointing, probably because it's a tourist thing to do, and thus you get the not so good "tourist service" from the staff. That said I may have been unfortunate that day, and Gilli is definitely a place to visit.

You can see more pics from Gilli HERE.

Via Roma 1A. T. +39 055 213896 www.gilli.it

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