le jardin de russie | rome

Hotel de Russie in Via del Babuino is one of Rome's finest and most expensive hotels. However you do not have to book a room to enjoy the beautiful and very picturesque courtyard.

Le Jardin de Russie is ideal for a coffee break, or, better yet, a drink before dinner. Enjoy the tranquility in the beautiful surroundings with lemon trees and perfectly trimmed plants. Service is top notch and so are the prices, so be aware that the bill can quickly become expensive. The trick is to settle for a drink or two and just enjoy it fully.

If you fall in love with the place and simply need to have more, you can enjoy the cuisine of the gourmet restaurant for both lunch and dinner.

Via del Babuino 9. T. +39 06 32888870 www.roccofortehotels.com

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