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Louisiana is one of the most beautiful museums in Copenhagen. Well, actually it's not located in Copenhagen, but a bit North of Copenhagen in Humlebæk right next to the sea.

Louisiana is a museum for modern art where you can see changing art exhibitions and of course the permanent collection. The museum is located in the most fabulous green surroundings with a view over the sea. You can walk around the garden, which is full of outdoor art, enjoy a lunch or a cup of coffee in the amazing museum cafe, and when you are done admiring the art you can shop in the museum shop.

The pics below are from the auditorium of Louisiana which, as the rest of the museum, is designed in a traditional Danish minimalistic style. Here you can attend concerts, book readings and much more.

Gl. Strandvej 13. T. +45 49190719 www.louisiana.dk


  1. Hi Birgitte! Sorry for not having been very present on your blog these past days but I've been quite busy...
    First, I wish you a Very Happy New Year 2013, may all your wishes and your life projects come true :)
    Then, I have to say that I love Louisiana Museum, I spent many hours inside when I went to visit it! Everything is attractive, especially the beautiful view from the garden on the Swedish coast. I have tons of pictures of this museum, I really spent a great moment. And the cafe with all the food looks so nice! But I didn't take anything because the prices were quite expensive...
    Again a great memory in Denmark :)

    1. A Happy New year to you as well! And welcome back on the blog. I always enjoy your comments!


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