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42º Raw is a raw food cafe in the center of Copenhagen. This was where I tried raw food for the first time in my life and I remember, just before entering, how I asked myself: Is this really what you want? Cold food for lunch? Fortunately the curious part of me won and I entered. I can't describe how impressed I was.

Since I had never tried the raw cuisine before I decided to order a tapas plate which included small portions of three different things from the raw menu. There was a raw lasagne made entirely on vegetables with zucchine working as the pasta, a raw hummus snack, salads and a raw paté sandwich. Everything was so incredibly delicious and beautifully served. Since the raw cuisine doesn't leave you feeling or looking like a balloon after eating, I decided to have a dessert as well and ordered the incredibly delicious looking chocolate cake made only on cashews, cocoa and cocoabutter. It tasted just as good as it looked.

Prices are really fair. I paid 128 DKK for the tapas plate and the best part of it: You leave after a complete meal feeling light, healthy and happy. Go, go, go!!

Pilestræde 32. T. +45 32123210 www.42raw.com


  1. nice, lovely, i´d like to be there right now !

    and beutiful dusty photography...that´s what I love on this sites


  2. I am so excited to try Raw- I live so close and have walked by several times. I'm going to check it out next week. Your post motivated me!


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