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The area around Via del Corso and Piazza di Spagna requires no introduction. This is where everybody shops, both Italians and tourists. This is where you find the big names like Gucci, Prada, Versace,
Ferragamo and Armani, and of course there are several good shops and restaurants.
If you are in Rome as a tourist, then remember to take advantage of the opportunity you have to shop in the morning and on weekdays, when ordinary Romans are working. The area is wonderful on a Wednesday morning, where there are no people, while it can be quite awful on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, when all the Romans come in from all over the city to shop or just go for a walk.

Below are some of my favorite shops from this area.


Japanese Muji has opened several stores in Italy during the last years, I love the chain for all their many funny and extremely practical little things. In here you always find something, you didn't know you needed, and they have an amazing selection of paper goods, notebooks, calendars, photo frames etc.

Via del Tritone 199-200. T. +39 06 69922053 www.muji.com


I believe Mood opened their store around 10 years ago in Via del Corso, and ever since then the store has been a refreshing spot in the otherwise rather dull end of Rome's main street. The shop is not overwhelming, but has a large selection of many great brands. Here you find both classic casual wear and more elegant evening wear, and there are plenty of brands to choose from both in the high end of the price range, but also in the category that doesn't necessarily empty your credit card.

In here you can shop Aspesi, Jucca, Missoni, See by Chloé and Vanessa Bruno. The store also has a small selection of shoes and boots, including labels such as Pura Lopez, Pedro Garcia and Stuart Weitzman. Finally Mood sells the wonderful bags from Giorgio Brato.

Via del Corso 344-345. T. +39 06 6780308


Italy is famous for its shoes, and it sure isn’t difficult to find nice things in Sergio Rossi, Prada or Gucci. It can however be difficult to find great shoes and boots, if you want to stay within more reasonable price ranges. If you are looking for shoes, handbags or other accessories in a nice design, good quality and at a reasonable price, Guja is the place to go. Here you will find a large selection of stilettos, ballerinas, sandals, boots and handbags. The shop has several different brands.

Via del Gambero 9. T. +39 06 45555371 www.guja.it


If you are pregnant in Rome, you must pay a visit to the cool maternity shop MayDodò in Via Tomacelli. The shop and the clothes are Italian, and besides Rome, where the first store opened in 2003, you can also find MayDodò in several other major Italian cities.

MayDodò sells maternity wear in exquisite materials, good quality and, not least, in designs that are so chic that even non-pregnant women might want to wear them. Prices are more than reasonable. In here you can find basic t-shirts, with the simple text BABY written on them, long romantic summer dresses, jeans, tank tops, evening dresses and much more.

Via Tomacelli 128. T. +39 06 68809381 www.maydodo.it


In Via Vittoria is a small shop called Nia. Actually there are two of them, but my favorite is the small one. Nia has a good range of brands such as Vanessa Bruno, John Smedley, Isabel Marant, Aspesi and Antik Batik, just to name a few. Here you can get bags, bikinis, beautiful ballerinas and lots of clothes. Remember to try Nias own perfume. It is simply wonderful. Nia also has an outlet in the nearby Via Mario de 'Fiori.

Via Vittoria 30 + 46. T. +39 06 6792292 Outlet: Via Mario de’ Fiori 40/b. www.niaroma.it

Kristina Ti

Kristina Ti has five stores in Italy, and fortunately one of them is in Rome. Here is a shop that makes you dream. Kristina Ti's universe is elegant, sexy and romantic. Here you will find everything from sexy lingerie, the finest dresses, cardigans and beautiful cool bags, shoes and boots. Prices are a bit expensive but still affordable. Drop by, even if you just want to dream a little ...

Via Mario dei Fiori 40C/41. T. +39 06 69200170 www.kristinati.com

Only hearts

Only hearts is a little new yorker shop, which there are three of in Rome. The place sells charming lingerie in a cute boudoir style. Here you will find everything when it comes to little transparent tops with laces, bras, panties and much more.

Via Vittoria 76. T. +39 06 6793446 www.onlyhearts.com


Vertecchi is definitely Rome's best paper store. In here you'll find everything, you can imagine in terms of notebooks, calendars, expensive pens, postcards and much more. This is also where you go, if you are an artist or an architect. Vertecchi has everything when it comes to canvases, brushes, paper, etc.

Via della Croce 70/72. T. +39 06 3322821 www.vertecchi.com (Visit the website for more addresses).

Profumerie HB

Profumerie HB is probably Rome's most complete perfumery. The shop is a little more exclusive than usual similar chains, and it is indeed the perfumes, that are in focus here.

What I like about Profumerie HB is, that they have so many special perfumes, which you don’t usually find in ordinary shops. For example brands like Carthusia, Etro, Bond no. 9, Acqua di Parma and Costume National. When it comes to make up you can get labels such as Giorgio Armani and the complete La Mer serie, and finally Profumerie HB sells the delicious soaps and lotions from Ortigia together with lots of hair accessories and scented candles.

Via del Babuino 54. T. +39 06 32651547

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