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It's been way too long since I wrote a this week post. Sorry for that, but now I'm back and ready to share some moments from my life as it looked this week. I have to say that the 365 pics project has been really good for my creativity. Contrary to what it did to me, when I tried to do the project the first time some years ago, this time it just makes me photograph so much more than I usual do during an ordinary day. Often I find myself not just taking the one daily photo, but whole series which lead to other series. It's amazing. Below are some of the extra pics I took this week, and which didn't become part of the project, but I think they deserve to be seen as well.

I have started baking. Actually made bread twice this week. Not a complete success, but eatable.

And finally a classic detail from my desk: calendar, photographs, notebooks and a new novel, which I still have to open for the first time and read. (Æsel by Danish writer Kristina Stoltz). One of my resolutions for 2013 is to read the books I have had lying around here for a couple of years now. And to NOT buy new ones before the old ones have been read. One of them is a biography about Peggy Guggenheim, which I bought at the Guggenheim museum in Venice a couple of days before finding out I was pregnant! (That was over two years ago!)

Today I am having one of my absolute favorite Sundays. Home alone with my daughter, (re)organizing little things in the apartment, doing our laundry, reading blogs, drinking coffee, listening to the choir of Florentine tifosi from the nearby football stadium, where Fiorentina is playing as I write these lines. Outside it's raining, and I feel so privileged that I don't have to go anywhere today. I can just stay in and  enjoy life :-)

Here are some blog posts I enjoyed this week. They are all about beautiful photography, so sit back, grab a cup of coffee and open your eyes to:

Anya's little ballet girl and this blog, which I just discovered.

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  1. Sos una "Grande" artista! Acá, desde mi departamento en Buenos Aires, hago lo mismo, poniendome al dia con mis cosas,y deleitandome con tu blog y tus fotos!Me sentí identificada contigo, en este domingo hermoso, lleno de VIDA! Felicidades! Renata

    1. Thank you for commenting Renata. I didn't understand everything you wrote, but I think I got the point!

  2. Sounds like an amazingly relaxed weekend - knus herfra kulden.
    PS: Jeg eeeelsker Matilde med kuglepennen:)))

    1. Knus (omend lidt forsinket) til dig, smukke. Håber du holder varmen,


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