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In terms of photography this week has been all about Instagram. I'm more hooked than ever. Here are a few (for me) not so typical Instagrams, which I took this weekend. I really like them and I think you are gonna see more like this from me in the future.

As you may have noticed this was also the week, where I finally managed to make my blog layout a little more serious adding the famous social media icons. I had no idea how to do it, but through my good friend Google I found a tutorial and a fabulous blog with free icons. You have to visit Carrie Loves. She's got so many gorgeous icons, fonts and more.

I keep on going with my 365 days project. It's not always easy, especially when you are stuck at home for two days, because your little girl is ill. But I keep on and I have decided that I am also allowed to use the iPhone once in a while :-)

I recently discovered a really inspirational photography blog called Mortal Muses. I read the posts every day, and I continue to learn new things from it and get new ideas, so I was extremely happy when I found out that one of my photos had been featured on the blog.

I have to be honest. January is kind of tough to me. Days are often grey and cold, and I am really longing for warmer weather and more light. When I read other people's blogs, I can see that I'm not the only one. The funny thing is that after Christmas and all the stress related to the seasons I always end up longing for January, which I also always see as a possibility for a new beginning to whatever needs to be restarted in my life. This year was no exception.

So to console myself a bit I went shopping. Online. And I ordered two photography books and my first issue of Kinfolk Magazine. I can't wait to receive everything. Wanna know what I bought? Click HERE.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Ps: Almost forgot: This was also the week, we actually had a little earthquake in Florence. And yes, the room danced. Hope it won't get any worse than that.

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  1. Love your instagram captures, and I have to admit that I am quite addicted too. It is great to find someone with such similar interests - I can relate to everything you mentioned here. Love your work!

    1. Thank you, Azzari! You know I'm a big fan of yours as well :-)


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