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As you know I am heavily addicted to Instagram. I have been on Instagram for almost two years now. If you look at my current profile however I have only been posting pictures since February last year. The reason is that I once decided I wanted to quit Instagram. I had so many things going on with different web profiles and I thought Instagram was one of the things I could do without. How wrong I was. In about one week I was back with a new profile, the one you see now.

How I use Instagram

I very much use Instagram in periods. Sometimes a week can pass by without taking any photos and sometimes (like right now) I have periods where I upload 10-20 photos a day. It depends very much on the mood I am in and of course whether I have something to photograph.

I often use Instagram as a tool to keep me busy while waiting for something or while going somewhere. When I walk around the center I often have the iPhone in my hand, always ready to shoot. Sometimes I wait until I come home before I choose the filter and upload my photos, but usually I do it immediately, simply because I'm curious to see the final result.

With a very few exceptions I don't use Instagram to document my personal life. I use it to transform ordinary things I see and pass by every day into something beautiful and extraordinary. You will see a couple of photos of my daughter, of my cats, even of myself with my daughter, but they are few.

Around 90% of my photos are street photography mostly from Florence, but also from Rome and Copenhagen. If you are one of my followers you will also know that a HUGE part of these photos contain: 1) bicycles 2) Vespas 3) facades. These are definitely some of my favorite things to photograph, not because I'm particularly fascinated by bicycles or facades (Vespas are cute though, right?), but simply because they are motives that go so very well with the Instagram filters. (Btw my favorite filters are rise and sierra. They fit my style and the the colors in the Italian streets very well. I also use the two black and white filters sometimes).

Many many of the photos I take with my iPhone and edit in Instagram are things I would never consider photographing with my Canon, while on the other side there are motives I find very perfect for the Canon but not for Instagram. And this is probably one of the reasons why I love Instagram so much. Because it is a different way of photographing, it is complementary to my ordinary photography and not a substitute. They are two different things and they each have their pros and cons.

In the beginning I thought that Instagram was a bit like cheating. Like "everybody can take a nice photo with Instagram". Nothing could be more wrong. If you check out the profiles of my favorite Instagrammers you will see pure art and definitely not something everybody can do. I myself are working everyday at becoming a better Instagrammer. And I already have. I keep learning and I am so inspired by all the beautiful work, I see every day among the people I follow.


I LOVE the new web profile Instagram has made for users. It is so much more user friendly than the old one, and I use it when I tag my photos. Instead of inserting the tags on the phone I wait until I come home and tag my photos on the computer. Since a lot of my photos use the same tags I have a document with all tags written down so I can copy paste them into the photo. Makes everything very easy.

The people I follow

So here they are. I don't follow an excessive number of people on Instagram. The reason for this is that I like to do things fast on Instagram. I want to be able to scroll down the home page on my phone and only see the photos that inspire and interest me the most. Out of the 130 people I currently follow these are some of my absolute favorites:



So, I am definitely not one of the famous instagrammers. I have around 350 followers and my photos typically receive between 15-40 likes. It's fine though. I'm not so much in it for the likes and followers. (baaah, what a lie! hahahaha). No, seriously, of course it makes me happy to receive likes and followers but I'm not so obsessed about it.

The Instagrams you see above are among my own personal favorites. When I look at them they make me happy and I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I took them.

These however are not among the most popular ones on Instagram. The ones below are. They are my 10 most liked photos. Have a look and tell me which ones you prefer.

And then tell me: How do you use Instagram? Who do you like to follow? What do you like to photograph? And feel free to leave your username in the comments field, if you want to share your Instagram photos.


  1. I love your instagrams. I hardly ever do it, but when i do i love it:) I also have less followers than you by far ;-) Yours are gorgeous, so is the scenery & cityscapes:) Happy day søde birgitte,

    1. Well get started! The ones you have taken are fabulous!

  2. Dear Birgitte, ever since I was able to start using instagram (didn't have an apple/android device before) a couple of weeks ago, your instagrams have put a lot of smiles on my face! I spent a fantastic month in Florence just two years ago and your beautiful detail-capturing pics take me back there each time I see them! Last Saturday, just looking at your Rifrullo snaps made me soo happy as I used to spent many relaxing afternoons in the cafés below Piazzale Michelangelo, with the wine bar Fuori Porta being one of my favourite spots to eat. Thanks for bringing back these memories!!

    I am just starting with instagram but I can already see that it's going to be a big love of mine...and I am trying to learn from your way of taking instagrams, the way you capture perspective and the often overlooked details...it's as if I would walk around Florence thanks to you. ;)

    I am using instagram on my tablet at the moment and I mainly follow my favourite bloggers - it's a mix, really. Once I'll get my hands on a smartphone with a better camera than my current Blackberry's (soon!), I can see me snapping hundreds of these beautiful colorful English doors, or red postboxes, London buses, and endlessly taking pictures of the historic streets of Bath...:)

    Again, thank you so much, Birgitte, for sharing your pictures and experiences here!

    All the best to you, Christine

    instagram beingoncloud9

    1. Dear Christine, Thank you so much for your long and nice comment. I'm really happy to be able to bring back some Florentine memories to you. I know how you feel, because I feel the same way when I read blogs from Rome, where I no longer live, but which I miss a lot.

  3. Dear Birgitte, just saw that you replied to my comment :) Yes, these memories...bitter sweet...I spent the whole of February 2011 in Florence...and this month, every day, I keep thinking back to that time...what did I do two years ago? That's what Italy does to you...it just stays in your heart forever ;)

    1. You may have the universe , if I may have Italy :-) (Don't remember who said it but it's very true).


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