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Now, for obvious reasons I haven't slept in a hotel in Rome since I was 17 years old. If I sleep in Rome it either means that I live there, or that I am visiting friends and thus staying with them.

This makes it very difficult for me to speak about hotels on my blog. This is true not only for Rome, but also for Florence and Copenhagen. One of the most asked questions in my mailbox is: Can you recommend a great place to sleep in ... (Rome/Florence/Copenhagen). No, I can't. Not really at least. 'Cause I have never tried them.

I have however a list of hotels in Rome, which I would personally consider, if I should ever need one. And they are:

ES Hotel

Right next to Rome's main train station, Termini, is one of the city's hottest designer hotels, ES Hotel. Viewed from the outside the place is not impressive, but you’ll be surprised. The hotel was designed by the Anglo-Italian King & Roselli and is the essence of minimalism.

During the construction, as it often happens in Rome, they suddenly found the remains of an old Roman road. Things like this can block any project in Rome, but in this case the solution became to incorporate the ruins into the hotel, and they now appear as an open archaeological site inside the hotel.

The lobby looks like something from a space movie and the hotel's design is generally white, minimalistic and functional. There are no superfluous things. On top of the hotel is an outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant, Zest. At ES Hotel you will also find the restaurant Sette. There is access to swimming pool and restaurants also for people not living in the hotel, so you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings even if you don't spend the night here.

Via Filippo Turati 171. T. +39 06 444841 www.rome.radissonsas.com

Hotel Capo d'Africa

If you love art and you want to stay in a cool hotel and ain’t afraid to walk a little extra to get to the center, Hotel Capo d'Africa is something for you.

The hotel is located in the area just behind Colosseo, where there are lots of restaurants and bars (Here are several good places but certainly also the most horrible tourist traps, so make your restaurant choices with care).

Hotel Capo d'Africa's theme is the Italian contemporary art. The hotel has its own private art collection, which you can enjoy during your stay. In addition to this there is a gym, lounge bar and a terrace with a panoramic view where you can enjoy your dinner or breakfast. The rooms are kept in a cool design with art on the walls and lots of colors. An excellent example of a Roman hotel, which has almost everything.

Via Capo d’Africa 54. T. +39 06 772801 www.hotelcapodafrica.com

Ripa Hotel

Ripa Hotel is designed by the people behind ES Hotel, Jeremy King and Riccardo Roselli, and it is owned by the Roman Roscioli family. The hotel is located in Trastevere and is a good choise if you want to spend the night surrounded by stunning design.

Rooms are kept in subdued colors, and functional design dominates every single detail. If the foyer of ES Hotel is dominated by the white color, at Ripa Hotel it is the color red, which welcomes you. At the hotel you also find the cool restaurant Riparte Cafe where you can spend a lovely evening with friends.

Via degli Orti di Trastevere 3. T. +39 06 58611 www.ripahotel.com

Hotel Fortyseven

Fortyseven is one of the new design hotels, which have shown up in Rome during the last years. A modern hotel with clean lines, large bright rooms and a touch of Art Deco. The hotel's five floors are each dedicated to five great Italians in contemporary art: Mastroianni, Greco, Modigliani, Quagliata and Guccione. The rooms are spacious and bright. The materials are mainly made of light wood, which makes the rooms cozy and gives a feeling of being at home. The best thing about the hotel is the rooftop terrace where you can dine or simply enjoy a cocktail overlooking Rome. Fortyseven is located centrally at the Teatro di Marcello and close to Piazza Venezia. If you cross the hospital island, Isola Tiberina, you arrive directly in Trastevere.

Via Luigi Petroselli 47. T. +39 06 6787816 www.47hotel.com

Relais Palazzo Taverna and Locanda degli Antiquari

If you'd rather save your money for shopping, you might want to choose one of Rome's budget-friendly hotels. They are traditionally located in the area around Termini, and to put it nice, they are not very interesting. Good thing then that you have some alternatives.

Relais Palazzo Taverna and Locanda degli Antiquari are two new residencies built in an ancient Roman palazzo from the 1500th century in a side street next to the charming Via dei Coronari, which is famous for its many antiquity shops, and lies just a walk from Piazza Navona. In other words: the best location you can get. Each room is decorated differently and they are all very beautiful and very Roman. A double room is available from 100 euro (depending on time of year).

Via dei Gabrielli 92. T. +39 06 20398064 www.relaispalazzotaverna.com

Casa Howard

Casa Howard has got two guesthouses in the centre of Rome near Piazza di Spagna. This is not a real hotel, but more like private properties, where you get the feeling of staying with good friends.

The place in Via Sistina offers five rooms, each with their own theme. You can for example choose to move into The Zebra Room or The Indian Room. The rooms have been created by the Italian interior designer Tommaso Ziffer.

Also in Via Capo le Case there are five different rooms to choose from. Both places have a Turkish hammam, so you can relax after long walks in the Eternal City. A total of ten rooms at Casa Howard with different prices between 140 and 280 euros depending on which room and how many people you are (Up to three per room). The place is intimate and cozy, and the relationship between quality, price and location is very good.

Via Sistina 149 / Via Capo le Case 18. T. +39 06 69924555 www.casahoward.com

Daphne Inn

Daphne Inn is a modern Bed and Breakfast in the middle of Rome, which is said to be one of the best low cost hotels in the city. Daphne has two hotels, one at the Trevi Fountain and one near Via Veneto. The rooms are kept in a simple designs in black, gray, brown and beige colors, and you can rent them at three different prices during the year. In addition, you can choose where you want to save your money, since you can choose between three categories of rooms: Single / double with shared bath, single / double with bath and the more elegant junior suites that can house from 2-4 people.

Via di San Basilio 55 / Via degli Avignonesi 20. T. +39 06 87450086/7 www.daphne-rome.com

Hotel Abitart

Although Ostiense is a more modest area than the historical centre, it manages just fine to keep up on the hotel front, which Hotel Abitart is the proof of.

This four-star luxury hotel is located in a side street to Via Ostiense in an area that is becoming increasingly popular, and where chic bars, cafes and restaurants constantly pop up. As the name suggests, art is the main focus in this hotel. The suites all have different themes and you can choose from a suite anni 70, Pop Art Suite or Suite del Poeta (the poets suite).

Like the rest of Rome’s designer hotels Hotel Abitart also has an exclusive restaurant, Estrobar, where you can eat during your stay.

Via Pellegrino Matteucci 10-20. T. +39 06 4543191 www.abitarthotel.com www.estrobar.com
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