13 February 2013

gelateria mordilatte | florence

As I mentioned last week I have discovered yet another fabulous ice cream store in Florence. This city is really full of great ice cream places, but this one goes straight to the top 3 of my list.

Mordilatte is strictly homemade ice cream and what I am particularly crazy about here are the sticks. Homemade ice cream on a stick. I love it. Tasty and practical, because you don't need two hands to eat it (as it is the case with a cup).

When I went the first time I had a stick with the most creamy coconut ice cream you can imagine. So tasty. It was covered with milk chocolate and coconut flakes...

Mordilatte also sells ice cream in cups and cones and they even bring out ice cream as take away, if you are too lazy to go out. (I imagine you need to order a certain minimum quantity!).

Try it! It's really really good.

Via dei Servi 10 + Via d'Annunzio 105. www.facebook.com/Mordilatte