12 February 2013

hellerup beach and marina | copenhagen

Today I'm going to write about a place from my childhood, which you are probably only going to visit, if you are staying in Copenhagen for a longer period. That's okay. But when summer arrives, and riding your bicycle seems even easier because of the warm breeze and the sun on your bare arms, do yourself a favor and head north of Copenhagen to Hellerup.

This is where I was born and grew up, and this is where you find a little marina and a beach, where I ran around as a child with my fishing net catching small fish in the port, ate a lot of ice cream, went sailing with my parents in our little sail boat and in late summer nights drank lots of hot chocolate in the boat in the little port.

This was where we often celebrated midsummer night, in Danish called Saint Hans, and later on when I became a teenager I went here with my friends on warm summer nights hanging out, drinking beer and getting just a little bit drunk :-)

The marina is one of the most charming in the area north of Copenhagen. I hope you will visit this little place some day. It's really very lovely.

Strandparksvej 38. Hellerup. T. +45 39620761 www.helleruphavn.dk