14 February 2013

naturasì | rome and florence

Isn't it amazing how sometimes what you need is actually just around the corner, and yet you manage to overlook it for a long time.

With this very philosophical introduction I actually just mean to tell you that yesterday I discovered that my favorite Italian organic supermarket chain Naturasì is located absolutely not very far from where I live, which is really good for my fridge, and a little less good for my credit card, since I tend to overshop once I get here, and prices aren't exactly cheap.

Naturasì is Italy's biggest chain of organic supermarkets selling exclusively organic products, and they have indeed everything.

Here you can buy organic cleaning products, beauty products and even cat and dog food. The supermarket also has a large selection of vegetarian and vegan products, and of course lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Supermarkets can be found in several places in Rome and Florence (and in the rest of Italy), but are usually located outside the historic centers.

Visit the website to find your nearest local Naturasì. www.naturasi.com