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Nørrebro is an amazing and very colorful area of Copenhagen. It is an area which is becoming constantly more hip in terms of cafes and shops and it is one of the most multi ethnic places in Copenhagen, where you can meet a great mix of Danes and immigrants.

Nørrebro is centered around the main street Nørrebrogade, which is full of bicycles and kebab places :-) Even though the street has its charm and definitely is very representative of the area, this is not where you should spend too much time or energy. The great places are all located in the small streets and squares on the right and the left side of Nørrebrogade.

I have already spoken about the charming Jægersborggade and the incredible cemetery, Assistens, used by hundreds of Copenhageners every day as a park. But there are other places you should know about here. You should have coffee at Sankt Hans Torv at one of the two cafes, Sebastopol and Pussy Galore, you should check out the shops and small take away eateries in Elmegade and Blågårdsgade, and you should definitely remember to bring your camera as Nørrebro is an amazing place for street photography.

If you want to see a less ordinary Copenhagener thing (at least for tourists) head over to Jagtvej 69, where you will find a building ground with nothing on it but some graffiti and maybe flowers. This is where the famous Ungdomshuset (The Youth House) also called Ungeren, used to be. The house was torn down some years ago causing several protests and street fights from the autonom groups in Denmark.

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