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You know what? I have really come to love writing these posts every weekend. Maybe it's the journal thing, I like that I can go back and read the old posts again as a kind of diary. I love looking through the photos taken during the week, picking out the ones I want to use for the post, and I love going through Bloglovin' to bookmark all my favorite posts which I want to share with you.

I don't know how you feel about these posts. They usually don't get a lot of comments, but I'll keep writing them anyway. I'm a firm believer in doing things out of passion :-)

First up a few things that made me happy this week:

Orange tulips. I have started buying fresh flowers at the beginning of every week. I love the freshness it brings into my home, looking at them makes me happy, and I can't resist photographing them from all possible angles...

Buying my ticket for The Hive. Do you remember I was a speaker at The Hive blogger conference last year in Berlin? Well, this week I made a final decision to go again, this time as a participant. And so I bought my ticket. I can't wait. A lot of the people I met last year are going to be there, the speakers and the topics sound great and I can't wait to see Berlin again and take hundreds and hundreds of photos. (Is it bad that every time I have to go somewhere, the first thing that pops into my head is the photography?)

Receiving a huge package from this fabulous interior webshop in Denmark. The package contains my birthday presents from my mum + a couple of things I ordered myself. I already know what's in it since I placed the order, but I won't open anything until next week when I turn 38. (yak!) If you would like to buy Danish design I really recommend this shop. Service was fantastic. I placed my order on Sunday, on Monday it shipped from Denmark, and on Thursday I received everything in Florence.

Redecorating my apartment

There are several things in my apartment which I'm not fully satisfied with. They are little things, but now I have started changing them one by one. I got inspired to do so, as this week I grabbed one of my favorite books and started reading it again. It's a book about mindful interior decorating (basically it's feng shui) and it's written by a fantastic Dane called Ranvita La Cour. She has inspired me so many times to do amazing things with my home and I love her book which is called Love Your Home. (Elsk dit hjem). Unfortunately I think it only exists in Danish.

Saturday I even managed to put up some white magnetic boards next to my desk and I spent quite some time filling them up with postcards, photographs, photos from magazines etc. Now I have a wonderful moodboard which I enjoy looking at every minute.

Azzari Jarrett's book and Coccole e Cioccolato

I finally received Azzari Jarretts beautiful film photography book On the table. Now it's on MY table and I love it. I also treated myself with a cappuccino and an amazing chocolate mousse with strawberry flavor (and I believe I tasted a hint of chili as well) at Coccole e Cioccolato. (The cat in the photo is Pavel, who is always eager to help out with translations, preferably by placing himself on top of everything).

Walking with music in my ears

I have started walking a lot. To and from my daughter's nursery. And then again to and from my daughter's nursery. Sometimes I will take the bus, but otherwise it's 8 chilometres per day. Not bad. And I have discovered the pleasure of walking with music in my ears. Makes you fly through the city.

And finally: Here comes my favorite blog posts this week:

If I ever were to get married I wouldn't mind a wedding like this one. So simple, yet so beautiful.

I think I have linked to this blog before when speaking about children's portraits, but here goes another one. I am so in love with these photos.

Kristina always manages to make gorgeous cityscapes, even when the weather is grey and cold. This time it's Swedish Göteborg.

And two more fabulous posts from my favorite blog On a roll. Here and Here.

And finally, my dear readers. Something completely different. Something so special and so different from what you usually see on my blog and in my links.

I have discovered the blog of a young Danish man called Vincent. I don't know anything about him except that he is a fashion blogger and not at all like anyone else I have ever met, seen or heard about. I have read that he wants to become a fashion designer. That's all I know. And when I look at him and his work I have no doubt that he will be (already is) something very special one day.

Not telling you anymore. See for yourself. This is his blog. You know I'm not crazy about fashion blogs, but this one is going to stay in my blogroll. I am so going to follow this young man and his work.

Ps: One more thing for the happy list: This week I got the idea for a new photography project I'm gonna do here in Florence. It is going to be a weekly series on the blog and I can't wait to tell you more about it, as soon as I'm ready. It's going to be so fun.


  1. I really enjoy these posts (and your blog). I too have a tulip tradition in a saturday! Great blog especially the CPH posts. Looking forward to going to The Hive as well, maybe we can say hello?

    1. Thank you, Melanie! Looking forward to meeting you at The Hive! We'll definitely say hello :-)


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