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Alessia Càmpera is another Italian "expat" in Florence. Alessia was born and raised in Rome, but has lived several years in Florence together with her husband and their two very beautiful cats.

Alessia is the jewelry designer behind the brand Craft-Duck. She works from home, where she has made herself a gorgeous studio in her apartment. With a little balcony full of green plants, a lovely view on a charming courtyard, and an amazing natural light, her studio is the perfect place for creativity to bloom.

You can buy Alessia's jewelry in her Etsy shop (Link at the bottom of the post).

Below you will also find a link to an interview with Alessia, published on Sara's blog "When in Florence". I hope you will read it after seeing the photos, in order to get a complete portrait of Alessia and her work.


Alessia Càmpera, Craft-Duck Facebook Etsy

Read Sara's interview with Alessia Càmpera HERE.

Most of the people featured in this series are part of the Facebook group Creative people in Florence. If you are creative and live in Florence, please come and join us. If you would like to be featured in the series, feel free to send me an e-mail at b.brondsted@gmail.com telling me a bit about yourself and your work.

For a presentation of the project Artists and Artisans in Florence click HERE.

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  1. This is a great series, and your photos are wonderful! I am off to read the interview and check out more of Alessia's work now. Have a wonderful Easter, Birgitte!

    1. Thank you Natasha and a very happy Easter to you as well. I continue to read and enjoy your blog every day :-)

  2. Birgitte, you're quite a genius!
    You managed to make me look almost beautiful :-)
    Thank you so much for this wonderful reportage: it was a joy, really :-)
    Hello Natasha, hope you enjoyed reading Sara's interview!

    1. Alessia, if you look beautiful it's because you are beautiful, not because of me :-) As a photographer I am only trying to show you at your best, and I'm happy that you think I succeeded :-)


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