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I know it's a bit early, but here come a summer post.

During the summer months Rome becomes even more beautiful and full of life. By the banks of the Tiber lots of temporary outdoor cafes and restaurants open up. Booths selling jewelries, books, clothes and all sorts of other things pop up, concerts are held in parks, and around the city you will find several outdoor cinemas, where they show films every evening throughout the summer.

To watch a great movie on a warm summer night directly under the Roman sky is one of the most amazing things, I've tried in Rome. As a tourist you should be aware though that virtually all foreign films are synchronized into Italian. I am especially excited about the outdoor screenings on Piazza Vittorio and on Isola Tiberina where you sit right next to the shores of the Tiber watching the movies.

In the beautiful park of Villa Ada, there are live concerts with music from around the world and lots of different ethnic restaurants. Finally, it is a must to go to jazz concerts in the beautiful park of Villa Celimontana - again outdoors under the Roman sky.

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