introducing artists and artisans in florence - a new series on the blog

Tomorrow I am going to post the first installment of a new series on A DUSTY OLIVE GREEN, called Artists and Artisans in Florence. But before that I wanted to tell you about the project, and how it started.

Shortly after arriving in Florence, and through my old blog My Sweet Florence, I met fellow expat and blogger Sara Amrhein. Sara is an American jewelry designer, who blogs over at When in Florence. We first met, because Sara wrote on her blog, that she wanted to do a creative project with other people from Florence, and among others she was looking for a photographer. I never got to participate in the project, because I was too busy, but I got to meet Sara, and since then we have been ping ponging, mostly through the Internet, about creative ideas. Together we have started a Facebook group called Creative people in Florence, which is a network for creative people of all kinds and all levels, living in Florence.

Last year Sara got the brilliant idea, that she wanted to start interviewing the members of the group for her blog. Every Friday she posts a new interview with an artist or an artisan from Florence, and I just love them. They are so personal and so inspirational.

I am writing all this, because about one month ago, I suddenly got this idea. I wanted to photograph the artists and artisans from Sara's interviews. I wanted to portrait these amazing people in their own surroundings, where they work. I wanted to show all the little details of an artist's work place, all the things that inspire him or her, the arts and crafts they make, and of course the artist/artisan in person.

So there you have it. Each week I will visit an artist or an artisan in his or her studio in Florence. Through my photos you will get to meet the person behind the art or craft, and see how and where he or she works.

I am starting out with people that have already been interviewed by Sara, and the idea is in fact to link the two series together, so that after having seen the photos on A DUSTY OLIVE GREEN, you can continue to Sara's blog and read more about the person in the photos.

I should say right away that I will be happy to receive suggestions for future artists/artisans to portrait on the blog. The main requirement is that you live and work in Florence.

I hope you will enjoy this series. Starting tomorrow!


  1. Oh, I am looking so forward to it!! Yeah... :) Loving this new series already.

    1. I'm so happy to hear that. I hope you are going to like, I think it's gonna be great :-)


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