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In Via del Pigneto 41 there is a really cozy restaurant. The place is small and from the outside it kind of looks like a small cafe, but Quarantuno is a real restaurant and a good one too.

The menu changes constantly, and you can check it out on Quarantunos website. Typically there are 5-6 different kinds of antipasti, pastas and main dishes. As for the pasta dishes, you can almost always find a few of the Roman classics in addition to some daily specials. Quarantuno serves traditional dishes  such as the classic pasta cacio e pepe (pecorino cheese and pepper) but with a modern touch of lemon.

Among the desserts you'll find crème brule with ginger and figs. Quarantuno lies in the middle of the pedestrian area of Pigneto, so it seems natural to combine a meal with a visit to one of the many wine bars before or after dinner.

Via del Pigneto 41 T. +39 06 70399483 www.pignetoquarantuno.it

PS: I haven't got any photos from this lovely restaurant, so instead I'll share one from the charming market in Via del Pigneto.

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