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Københavns Idrætsanlæg Østerbro © Birgitte Brøndsted

Østerbro is the more elegant part of Copenhagen. This is where all the foreign embassies are, and this is where the city ends and the more residential area of Copenhagen begins. Many families with children live here.

Østerbro is a really great neighborhood for shopping. There are so many great shops here, not least the famous interior design shop Normann Copenhagen. Østerbro is also full of children's clothes shops and lots of multi brand fashion shops, where you can find the best from Danish and international designers. Østerbro also has quite a few designer second hand shops, where you can buy and sell your old designer clothes and accessories. I love these shops since you never know, what you are going to find and they have absolutely nothing to do with vintage or ordinary second hand shops. Everything is really nice and clean, and you can find fabulous items.

As most other parts of Copenhagen Østerbro doesn't lack of cafes. They are all over.

Try an ice cream from Olufs and walk down the beautiful Olufsvej. At Østerbro you also find the big park Fælledparken and you find the big football stadium called Parken.

For some reason I rarely get to visit Østerbro when I'm home. I tend to "forget" this area of Copenhagen and it's really a pity, since there are so many great things to come for. 

Københavns Idrætsanlæg Østerbro © Birgitte Brøndsted

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