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I was going to include my visit to Taste in my This Week post, but then I thought that maybe I kind of owed it to this cool event to write an individual post.

I had heard about Taste last year, but I didn't go. This year I was determined to go, mainly to see what it was all about and of course to take some photos.

Taste is an annual food fair in Florence, which is also open to the public. You pay an entrance fee of 15 euro, which gains you access to the event and all the Taste -ing you can manage to eat and drink. Before entering you get your own wine glass against a deposit fee of 5 euro. Wine, olive oil, beer, chocolate, cookies, cake, gelato, charcuterie, cheese, tea, coffee, candy... it's all here, and if you fall in love with a particular cheese or chocolate, you can bring it home from the Taste Shop, where the products from the fair are being sold.

The fair is held inside Stazione Leopolda, which is an expo area close to the bigger Fortezza da Basso. I had never been here before, but I can tell you I loved it. An old train station building with bare bricks on the walls. Would love to come here some day and take photos without the fair :-)

Taste runs from 9-11 March, so today is the last chance to go. Remember that there also a lot of events around the city attached to the fair, the so called FuoriDiTaste events.

For more information about Taste, visit the websites of Pitti Immagine and Stazione Leopolda.

Ps: Note from a mum: Taste does not allow you to bring a stroller inside. You have to leave it before entering (They have a place for you to storage it). I didn't know this, so I actually visited Taste with a 2-years-old in my hand. Not the easiest thing with half of Florence running around to get free food :-) And I was photographing as well...


  1. Sounds like a lovely event, pity about having to leave the stroller. So they obviously discourage people with children to visit? You still managed to get some beautiful photos though. Happy Sunday. Sharon

    1. I wouldn't say the discourage people with children, but it would in fact have been impossible to get through the crowds with a stroller. The event is only open to the public for two days and the expo area isn't gigantic so it gets kind of crowded. Wouldn't have been nice to push a stroller in there :-)


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