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Bella Firenze, vero? Yes, Florence is beautiful. And even more so when the sun comes, and out of the blue appears a perfect day of spring. That's how it felt several times this week. Like spring. I love it when the first days of spring arrive, and you can stroll around the city without your coat on, eat ice cream and enjoy the fresh smell in the air, and the happiness of people you meet on your way. 

These two photos of Florence were taken on such a day, when me and Matilde went for a long walk to Santo Spirito, had coffee and juice at Mama's bakery and the fabulous coconut ice cream from Mordilatte. 

We ended the day on the carousel in Piazza Repubblica :-) A perfect day.

And so my birthday arrived. 38. But who's counting, right? I baked the traditional Danish cinnamon rolls, which actually turned out well (Something you should not take for granted, when I'm in the kitchen!), and I had a wonderful day with my friends visiting from Rome. (Oh yeah, and there were presents too. I never get too old for birthday presents).

We had lunch at this fabulous enoteca, which I won't tell you the name of yet, but which I will write a post about very soon. Until then here's a preview.

It's been a busy week in terms of work, so I haven't had time for a lot of blog reading, which means I won't be recommending anything this week.

Next week is going to be interesting. I'm starting shooting for my new photography project, which I will soon share here on the blog.

Have a wonderful Sunday for what's left of it. I'll get back to some working now and later I will watch another episode of the fabulous Borgen.

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  1. Happy belated birthday Birgitte!
    Glad to read you had a wonderful day.

  2. Happy belated birthday!!!! :))
    ah, and thanks of reminding me the lovely Firenze like I remember it from (hoooot) August! ..miss those few days...


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