this week

A certain lady with whom I share my home and life is taking a nap, so I have some time for writing a post.

It's the perfect Sunday, grey outside with rain and even some thunder, and warm and cosy inside with no things that need to be done, but a whole lot of things which have actually been done. It's always like that, right? When you don't have to, you manage to do so much more.

This weekend I cleaned up the balcony making it ready for my new table and chairs, which I ordered online at Ikea (what a great invention, you can shop at Ikea without the stress!). I even put up my hammock. (May be a little early for that one, but hey you gotta be prepared for summer!).

Today I "read" (looked through) the fabulous A year of mornings, which arrived this week. What a beautiful piece of work.

And here are some more glimpses from Instagram this week.

Did you notice that I tightened up my categories on the blog? There are less of them now, which should make navigating a bit easier. I also put up my complete blog roll, in case you need some inspiration for new blog finds. There are a lot of very different blogs, and they are all fabulous in their own way.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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  1. Just loved that cherry(?) tree pic. Bursting with color in a ray of light. Wonderful.

    Your blog is such a treat. Thanks, Christine

    1. Christine you have no idea how happy I am to hear this. Thank you for commenting :-)


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