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Hello dear readers. It's Sunday again. Can you believe it? I can't. Time flies around here. This week I did two photo shoots for my new upcoming series on the blog. Should I tell you about it? Well, I will give you a hint. It has to do with artists, and there will be tons of photos. I will publish the first post next week. Stay tuned. Here's a preview:

This week a lot of things made me happy. A wonderful e-mail from this girl telling me how much she enjoys A DUSTY OLIVE GREEN. I cannot stress enough how important your feedback is to me. Your comments, your e-mails, your Facebook likes. Please don't ever stop and those of you that are holding back: Don't! This is still a small blog, so every single comment is so important to me.

Tomorrow my mum is coming from Copenhagen together with her friend. I can't wait to have guests. Besides the obvious joy of the company I love exploring Florence as a tourist together with them. Makes me feel like I'm on a vacation too.

This week I had lunch in a new place, which I'm going to write about soon. For now I will only tell you that I had a fabulous menu consisting of these ravioli burro e salvia, vegetable mousse with roasted potatoes and the heaviest most amazing brownie-like chocolate cake I've had in a long time...

Other things which made me happy were cat tails and soft paws. These two gentlemen have discovered he joys of our balcony including jumping from ours to the one next door...

And this week my tulips were white...

Finally, I did a few self portraits yesterday. A funny part of this narcissistic story is, that while I was caught up looking at myself in the mirror trying to figure out where to place the camera in order to "get" my face (as you can see, I ended up replacing it with the camera!), my daughter was (silently) literally washing the couch with half a glass of raspberry/banana smoothie...

Have a wonderful Sunday and make sure to visit the blog next week, when I introduce my new series!

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