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It's been quite a week. On Monday my mum arrived from Copenhagen together with her friend. We have been out exploring the city, had dinner in an amazing local restaurant in my neighborhood, and we have been preparing for my daughter's 2-years birthday. I bought her 10 pink balloons, which are now attached to the ceiling in our living room :-)

This was the week where I launched my new blog series Artists and Artisans in Florence. I have already done four more sessions, which I am going to share with you over the next weeks. Every Thursday you will find a new post in the series on the blog. If you missed my first post with Claudia, you can click HERE to see it.

And this week my very first issue of Kinfolk Mag arrived. I can't stop putting my nose into it. The paper smells so incredibly good and even though I have only had time to look at a couple of pages, I can already tell that the photography and the magazine in general is oh, so fantastic. I'm definitely becoming a subscriber.

We went to Fiesole for a quick view over the city, and I found signs of spring up there. I also had the chance to peak inside the little convent above the city.

We spent one of the spring-like days in Giardino di Boboli. Since I have already photographed this lovely park so many times, I went for something different in terms of motives: The trees. Make me think of Twin Peaks.

And finally I met this lovely Vespa on my way around the city. Have a wonderful Sunday evening!

PS: You should read this post, which lists the 22 things that happy people do differently. It is so true. Everyone should read this and do their very best to live like it.

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  1. that list of 22things is so true!!
    ..and.. tantissimi auguri a tua figliola! :)

    1. Thank you! Regarding the list: I'm going to print it and keep it by my desk. A great reminder every day :-)

  2. hah, I was thinking of the same!


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