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I'm just popping in to write a very quick this week post. I have been out walking all day + I'm on a tough detox diet, which all in all means that I'm pretty tired.

This week we celebrated my daughter's 2 years birthday. I can't believe she's so big already. She has started to talk so much lately, she repeats every word we say, and she finally calls me mum in Danish (instead of saying it in Italian, as she has done so far). Mamma sounds cute, but Mooooaaaar in Danish is even better :-)

We went to Le Cascine for the market. Didn't buy anything but took a few pics of the food and the nearby luna park. 

We took the bus to Sorgane, because we wanted to go for a walk in the hills, which are supposed to be very pretty. I never found out, because we hadn't thought about the fact that a stroller isn't the most convenient thing to bring when going hiking :-) Instead we had a small improvised picnic, and I was happy to finally find a magnolia tree, since I had wanted to photograph the flowers for so long. 

On Saturday I had the honor of photographing a lovely baptism here in Florence. It was held in the evening during the Easter mass in an English church, so it was also an opportunity to learn about new Easter traditions. 

And in the afternoon we went for this long walk to San Niccolò, where I took lots of Instagrams and we had a wonderful time at this amazing playground

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  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful little Matilde :) and happy Easter to you both! Love the instagrams and the magnolia tree is just gorgeous - they are one of my favourites!

    1. Thanks Natasha, and a Happy Easter to you as well!


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