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Lisa Clifford is an Australian writer, who came to Florence from Sydney, when she was only 16 years old. She has published two novels called The Promise and Death in the mountains, and today she lives with her family in Florence. 

Besides being a writer Lisa also organizes an annual writers retreat in Tuscany called The Art of Writing, where writers from all over the world fly in to attend lectures, personal coaching and much more in the beautiful Tuscan surroundings. 

On a sunny morning I jumped on the bus with my camera and headed out to meet Lisa in her lovely home, where she has her studio. Books, notes, Moleskines, random photos and lots of inspirational atmosphere. I loved it!

Below you will find a link to an interview with Lisa, published on Sara's blog "When in Florence". I hope you will read it after seeing the photos, in order to get a complete portrait of Lisa and her work.

Lisa Clifford, Web Facebook The Art of Writing

Read Sara's interview with Lisa Clifford HERE.

Most of the people featured in this series are part of the Facebook group Creative people in Florence. If you are creative and live in Florence, please come and join us. If you would like to be featured in the series, feel free to send me an e-mail at b.brondsted@gmail.com telling me a bit about yourself and your work.

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  1. Oh, a fellow Australian! :) I have one of Lisa's books and have been trying to track down the other, hunting through bookstores. I would love to attend one of her retreats - maybe someday, sigh! Thank you for the insight; off to check out the interview now ...

    1. The world is so teeny tiny small :-) I can't believe you have one of Lisa's books. So funny!

  2. Wow… i ve lived here for five years and never realised how much you miss in human form lurking in this wonderful yet exasperating city that challenges any independent female with a career, family and international individual perspective. WOuld love to connect with Lisa and your creative group. Great find !

    1. Hi Gaya, you are so welcome to join the group! Just come and find us on Facebook!


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