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As mentioned yesterday, last week I went to visit the Mostra Primaverile (Spring Fair) in Florence. From 25th April until 1st May you can visit this annual flower fair, which is held in the beautiful park Giardino dell'Orticoltura, located just outside the center of Florence (You can easily walk to it).

I went for the first time this year, and I have to say, it was even bigger than I had expected. The park is relatively small, so it was difficult to imagine such an event take place in here. However at the fair you can buy all sorts of flowers and plants. The Florentines typically come here to buy new plants for their balconies, terraces and gardens, since the event is held in the same period every year, when spring starts.

My favorite experience from the fair was the opening of the gigantic tepidarium, which is located inside the park, and which is usually closed. During the days of the fair, you can get inside, where there is a little art exhibition.

Inside the park you can buy beverages and some light food, and right outside there is a great ice cream place, where people line up in front to get their gelato or frozen yoghurt.

More info about the fair HERE.

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