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I am writing this post as my daughter lies next to me on the couch, sleeping and with a little bit of fever :-( It's way too late to begin a new post, but I really want to keep these This week posts regular on the blog, if not for anyone else, then for me. I like that I can look back at them as a sort of diary.

First of all I have started a real detox diet. I haven't really talked about it on the blog, because it sure ain't the first time I try these things, and I knew myself well enough to know that there would be a real risk of the dieting lasting only one day or even just a couple of hours :-)

But no, it seems as though this time it's different. Today is day 12, and I have even completed a whole day of not eating, consuming only three vegetable and fruit smoothies and two cups of purifying tea! And if it wasn't enough, after almost a year of not exercising, today I went running for almost 30 minutes at Le Cascine! Yes, I feel good about myself these days!

This week I got completely lost in the "free fonts" world. I had never used free fonts before, and once I started downloading, I couldn't stop. From the free fonts I continued to shining up my website, which resulted in a new front page, some new text and new images.

And while we are at it. I will be in Copenhagen from the middle of May and the following weeks (except for 6 days in Berlin). If you live in Copenhagen and would like to do a portrait session with me, don't hesitate to contact me. You can find all relevant information on my above mentioned website.

My mum is still here. I should probably have her co writing here on the blog, 'cause once again she discovered a new place, which I had never visited, even though it had been right in front of my eyes all the time. I will tell you more about it in a separate post soon. For now let me reveal this much: It reminded me of both Montmartre in Paris and Parc Güell in Barcelona. Not bad, right?

Saturday last week I did the photos of a lovely baptism here in Florence.

We've spent quite some time in the parks this week. Spring seems to be here. Finally. I love it. (And so does the rest of Florence according to the number of people hanging out on the lawns.)

I wish you all a lovely new week tomorrow. Matilde has woken up and has now been running around the apartment for quite some time, playing and having great fun with her mormor (grandma). Apparently the fever is gone :-)

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