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Guess where I am sitting right now? Yeps, we are finally able to enjoy the balcony. Yesterday I cleaned up everything, washed the tiles, threw away some old stuff and rearranged tables and chairs, so it's really cosy out here now.

Today I have:

1) Read a whole magazine in the hammock.
2) Had dinner outside on the balcony, and now
3) I am writing a blog post out here.

It's evening now, but it's still so mild and wonderful to be outdoor. Oh, and the cats are so happy to finally being able to be out all day long.

Since I bragged about my detox diet last week I should be honest and tell you that I was supposed to have another day with only liquids today, but around 15.00 pm, after having peeled myself off the couch because of the tiredness, I gave up and had a (however very healthy) whole grain pasta dish with legumes. Sometimes that's just how diets go. That said I did repeat my success from last weekend and I went running once again this week. I think I'm gonna make it a habit :-)

This weekend we wanted to see something new. We had thought about Lucca, but since I had already been there years ago, we decided to try something completely new and visited Poggibonsi, a small town near Siena. Something tells me Lucca would have been a better choice, but it was okay, and the weather was amazing. If you haven't already seen my post from this morning with all the photos you can see it HERE.

I am currently working on designing some postcards which I plan on leaving all over Florence in order to make some PR for my photography :-) Until they are ready know, that you are more than welcome to send me an e-mail if you are interested in a portrait session. As something new I am also offering maternity sessions. You can see my portfolio HERE.

This week I did another photo session for the Artists and Artisans in Florence series, which I'm looking forward to showing you, and I will do two more next week. I really love to do these shoots. I get to meet people I would otherwise never have met and I see some amazing and inspirational art studios. I hope you enjoy the series just as much as I enjoy making it.

And now to some inspiration from other bloggers. I haven't done this a lot recently, simply because I was out of time. Definitely not because I hadn't got anything to write about, oh no... There are so many fabulous blogs out there and my Bloglovin' list is growing almost every day. Although I'm not very good at leaving comments, I really enjoy following everyone, who is one my blog roll.

If you are looking for professional tips in terms of blog and web design you should visit Kate and Rob's business blog. I learn new things every time they post something and they are almost always things that are useful for me as a blogger.

I have had this strange longing for Paris for quite some time now. Therefore I enjoy the gorgeous photos and cute posts on Paris in Four Months.

Although I am not looking for a new job right now (and definitely not as a designer!) I enjoyed reading Brittany's post about how she got her first internship in the US. There are some good tips in terms of applying for jobs and presenting your portfolio in that post.

And finally, let me once again recommend two fabulous blogs in terms of photography. Mortal Muses and Carla Coulson. Both blogs give away great tips to photographers (beginners and beyond), and they have the most interesting posts every week.

What about you? Do you know about some fabulous blogs you want to share with me and the other readers? If so, please leave a comment.

Have a lovely Sunday evening!

PS: Who of you readers are going to be at The Hive in Berlin next month? I would love to know it, so we can be sure to meet and say hello.

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  1. The balcony sounds wonderful and I love the pretty pastel-coloured cushions! Also, those flowers are gorgeous, you must be so happy for Springtime :)

    PS. Thank you for the mention.

    1. Actually Natasha, today was more summer than spring. It's so warm here now and I've actually got myself a bit of a tan today :-) (Read: I'm read!)

  2. Hvor lyder det dejligt med istandsat balkon! Jeg fandt lige den blog i går og blev meget fornøjet over det! Jeg er selv dansk blogger fra Italien (Milano) og du kan være rigtig sikker på at jeg vil følge dit liv i Firenze! Desuden er det nogle rigtig flotte billeder der pryder din blog. Dejligt!

    Hilsen Sarah

    1. Hej Sarah, velkommen til! Jeg har også været forbi din blog og vil helt sikkert følge dig fremover. Jeg har også en lille pige på 2 år :-) Vil glæde mig til at følge din blog.

      Mange hilsener


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