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Since our slight disappointment with Poggibonsi last Saturday, this weekend we decided to go for something safe, and so we took the train to Venice. 

You really can't go wrong with Venice. Gorgeous as always, even with a bit of rain, even if we only had 7 hours (which may seem like an ok amount of time, but trust me, it's not.) 

We walked around without a map, following my "I'm almost sure it's this way" intuition (I have been to Venice a few times for work), an intuition which of course went wrong a few times. However, the good (yet time consuming) thing about Venice is that it doesn't really matter if you take the wrong way, because everything is so beautiful, that you adore it anyway and don't really mind if you have to walk an extra hour before reaching Piazza San Marco. 

I have so many photos from our day, both very classic Venice, but also some more atypical ones. I will share them as soon as I get some time for editing. Until then here is a little preview.

This week I was honored to have a mentioning by Emily Salomon, who is one of the most famous Danish lifestyle and fashion bloggers. She was in Florence last weekend and had prepared for her trip by reading A DUSTY OLIVE GREEN. Thanks, Emily for the nice words (Blog post in Danish).

This Sunday we had lunch at Dolce Vegan. I had the best "piatto unico" with seitan, rice and vegetables, and my mum had a delicious falafel burger. Dessert was a sugarfree millefoglie and a soy cappuccino (in the photo). I updated my post about the place with some new photos.

After lunch we went to the monthly flea market at the lake near Fortezza da Basso. I love this market. And today I even bought something, which isn't like me, since I'm not very good at the whole second hand-vintage-thing. But today I bought a bag. A big brown, very gorgeous (according to the seller) "anni sessanta" (from the sixties) bag. It's lovely. I just hope the smell of old cellar will go away... It's in the washing machine now. For the second time :-)

Below are some photos of all the lovely stuff. More to come soon.

That's it for today. I will spend the rest of the night editing photos from a lovely photo shoot, I did Friday with a little boy and his parents. Next week I have my first maternity shoot. Can't wait to share the result with you as soon as it's ready.

Have a lovely Sunday evening.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to be emailing you soon, watch your inbox!

    1. Thank you, Margaret! Sounds interesting. I will start watching :-)


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