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Last night I made a decision, which I am so happy about.

I have decided to quit my 365 pics project. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know, that I started this project on January, 1 2013. The project was simple: Take one photo each day for a whole year of simple things from my life.

I had already tried to do this project some years ago, but gave up after less than a month, because I thought it ruined my creativity. Basically I didn't like the feeling of HAVING to photograph something every day, just because I had made the promise to myself.

Another reason was, that I wasn't happy about all the pics. On some days I would take really bad pics, but they had to be there as part of the project, because otherwise... well, if one day was missing, the whole project wouldn't make sense.

To cut a long story short: I am abandoning the project for the EXACT same reasons this time. Now I know more than ever, that to me photography is something which should only be done when I feel like it, it has to be spontaneous.

Of course professional assignments are something completely different. Or maybe not. Because what I like about the kind of photography, I offer my clients, is the spontaneity. I like that I never plan a lot of things ahead of a photo session. I like that I arrive in a home, which I have never seen before, with people I don't know, and once I am there I look around, try out some things, and always manage to find the best solution for the shoot in terms of location, poses, backgrounds, props etc.

I think spontaneity is the most important word in my work. That is why I like photographing children and other people in their own surroundings, that is why I love photographing cities, landscapes and nature, because I can walk around a place and suddenly see a beautiful light or a gorgeous detail, and that's when I will take my photo. I don't need to arrange anything, I use what is already there and I try to bring out the best of it with my camera.

Spontaneity (or should I say the lack of it) is also the reason why my (very few) attempts in still life photography NEVER turn out well. I am just not good at placing objects on a table for the sole purpose of having to photograph them. I don't like to compose things for a photo. I like to catch things just as they are. One of my Instagram friends has a fabulous quote written on her profile. I am going to steal it for five minutes, because it is so right:

Everywhere I look, I see photographs. 

Isn't it beautiful? That's how I like photography. I look at the world around me, I see things, I picture them as a photograph and then I press the shutter.

I am gonna bring back the spontaneity into my photography. Maybe three days will pass by without me getting even near the camera, maybe not. It doesn't matter. When the inspiration is there, that's when I will grab my dear Canon friend.

Here are, however, my favorites from May.

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