finally in berlin

I am writing these words on my Mac with only 15% left of my battery and a charger which doesn't fit the German plugs. Had the same problem last year, searched most of Berlin for an adapter, which I did actually find in the end, but naturally I couldn't find it when I packed my bags, so we are back to zero. Will start the hunt tomorrow.

We arrived Yesterday evening under a pouring rain. Fortunately the weather made up for it today, where we have been able to walk around under a lovely sun and decent temperatures.

We have done the classical Berlin things: walking, drinking coffee, having lunch, taking photos, Instagramming the city, walking again, more coffee, a visit to the playground now and then (my daughter is with me), and just a few shops. Oh, and I bought one of my favorite t-shirts from this shop in Prenzlauer Berg.

It's so great to be back and I can't wait to join the conference on Saturday. For now here are a few pics I took today. I will be back with more soon.

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