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Friedrichshain Berlin © Birgitte Brondsted

As you can see, today I managed to find an adaptor for my battery charger. Although I have my iPhone with me all the time, it sure feels good to be back on the computer again!

Today we walked around the neighborhood where we are staying, which is Friedrichshain. Last year in Berlin we stayed in Prenzlauer Berg, which was an amazing area, but since we never got to visit Friedrichshain, and since we had heard so many great things about the area, we decided we wanted to stay here this time.

Although Prenzlauer Berg continues to be my favorite area in Berlin, I must say Friedrichshain is really charming as well. The place is full of little cafes and special shops, and we have had several cappuccinos and even done a bit of shopping here today.

Right now as I write these lines, we are trying to figure out whether to go out for dinner or stay home. We are pretty tired, on the other hand there are so many great restaurants here, so it's tempting to go out...

I have so many posts to share with you about all the places, I have visited so far in Berlin, mainly shops and cafes. I will post them individually when I come home. For now enjoy these photos of beautiful Friedrichshain.

Ps: I have, to say it the least, been spamming my Instagram friends with Berlin pics. You can see them HERE.

Friedrichshain Berlin © Birgitte Brondsted

Friedrichshain Berlin © Birgitte Brondsted
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