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If you read last Sunday's THIS WEEK post, you already know that I went to the Mostra Internazionale dell'Artigianato, which was just held here in Florence. It would have been greater to post this while the fair was still on, so those of you living in Florence could actually have the possibility of going there, but I went there on it's last day, so... It will be back next year though!

It was kind of a spontaneous decision to spend a Sunday morning at the fair. We had been up early, and since we had no other plans I decided it would be nice to go and see what it was all about.

We went just 30 minutes after the doors opened, which turned out to be a HUGE advantage. Basically we were able to walk around for about one hour with lots of space around us and no crowds. Later on they arrived...

The fair was divided into the artisan part, which was on the ground level, while on the first floor you had all the food. There were regional food from all of Italy and also from some foreign countries.

I immediately eyed a Tibetan restaurant where I decided we would have lunch. This turned out to be a really great idea, since it was some of the best food I had had in a long time. Tasty, yet light.

I should mention that the entrance was only 5 euro, which was actually pretty ok taken into consideration that you could easily have your whole lunch exclusively from all the free tastings.

As for the artisan part I have to say that most of the things weren't exactly my taste. I did however find some lovely ceramics and some nice children's clothes. Didn't buy anything though.

Of course the best part of it all were the many photogenic foods :-) Below is a little photo "diary" of our day.


These little cakes were absolutely delicious. Heavy chocolate combined with and covered by fruit. I tried a version with mandarine.

Our Tibetan lunch. Yummy!

These ceramics by Claudia Andreani and Mogré were gorgeous and can be found in Perugia. (I'm sorry but I can't remember which ceramics were by who).

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