the hive blogging conference berlin 2013

The Hive blogging conference Berlin 2013

The Hive. A European Blogging Conference held in Berlin last weekend. I have already written about it on the blog, but I wanted to write some more and share some of the things I learned.

In the meantime I have read soooo many blog posts from my fellow conference participants. They really capture the conference very well and some of them describe all the keynotes and the atmosphere perfectly. I'm going to be a bit lazy and choose the easy solution: Have a look at Jenny's post to read more about our days :-) or visit the lovely No ordinary Homestead for another great post on The Hive.

So what did I learn this year at The Hive? While I was a beginner at last years' The Hive I could very much feel how much I have learned this past year as a blogger.

I started out with four different blogs; Simple pics from around (closed down now), My Sweet Rome, My Sweet Florence and My Sweet Copenhagen.

I soon realized that I needed a common space for my blogging instead of all these different blogs. I felt very limited in my blogging since the three travel blogs were limited in terms of topics, and regarding Simple pics from around I just never really got that blog started + the name meant that I could only blog about photography. I wanted something more simple.

Mostly I wanted a place for my general photography and random thoughts, I still wanted to blog about my favorite places and I wanted to unite all the best of my blogs in one place.

The Hive blogging conference Berlin 2013

So last year, just before The Hive, I started A DUSTY OLIVE GREEN. And the reason why I chose this odd name was simple: I didn't want a name that had anything to do with anything. I wanted a blog which I could form just as I wanted to, which I could change over time. And so I picked the name, simply because I love the color :-)

Today almost all my posts from the three travel blogs have been united and categorized on this blog, but as you know I also very much use the blog for my photography, I use it as a journal writing my THIS WEEK posts and I use it as a travel blog, when I visit new places.

So why do I tell you all this? Because one year later, at The Hive 2013, when listening to some highly inspirational speakers, I realized that I was doing the right thing. 

It may be a strange thing to admit to you, my dear readers, but I actually mainly blog for myself. I write about things I like, I would never write something just to make other people happy. But I hope (and think) that this is exactly the reason why those of you, who like my blog, are still here. Because hopefully you sense some authenticity and honesty behind my posts. 

These were actually some of the key words at The Hive this year. We did also talk a lot about how to turn your blog into a business, how to make money on it etc, and sure, it would be great to be able to live from blogging, but I'm pretty sure it would take away some of the fun. I definitely mainly blog for the fun of it. 

So, to cut a long story short. Yes, I did learn a few things on SEO, which I'm going to put into practice because I want to grow my readership, but other than that I simply came home with a whole lot of inspiration from some great bloggers, a great desire to blog (even more) and a confirmation that I'm already blogging the way I want to. 

Finally I have some great news to add: At the conference it was announced that a The Hive workshop will be held in October in... tadaaaaa: Copenhagen. If you want to stay informed about this event you should head over to the website of The Hive and sign up for the newsletter. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be there in October.

PS: Follow the link to read more of my posts about blogging.


  1. I agree, and I was just discussing this with two other Hive attendees: how it might be possible to monetize your blog and turn it into a job without losing the essence of what makes blogging so wonderful: the fact that your blog can be an extension of you, and show your personality, your passions, your experiences.

    Perhaps a lucky few can marry the two, but I think for most of us, it's either one or the other: either enjoy yourself and let your blog content flow naturally from what you love and live, or let it become something you are forced to write, forced to discuss, forced to promote... and at that point you might as well be doing data input, as blogging that way won't bring any joy, it will simply be just another job.

    I just found your blog thanks to the Hive posts, but I like it very much!

    1. Yes, I definitely don't want my blog to turn into something I'm obliged to do. It has to be a completely free creative space and yes, as you say, an extension of me and what I love.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I'm glad you found the blog and I hope you will keep coming back.



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