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I'm gonna make it short today as I am out of time and out of real photos to share. Actually I did take a lot of photos this week, but a few hundreds of them are from a private photo session, I did of a newborn, and the other ones are for a blog post, which I'm looking forward to write next week.

So today I will just share a few Instagrams, which summarize my week pretty well.

On Monday (and again on Friday, oh yes, I'm really proud of myself!) I went running at the Cascine park. This was the sight that met me just before starting. Nice, right? I love that place for running.

On Monday I had a quick and late lunch at a temporary outdoor Greek restaurant. I love greek food. This could have been better though, but it was still ok. 

Still on Monday I made this simple dinner and ate in on the balcony. I think I shocked a few people on Facebook by calling this "dinner", so I better add that I did eat more than two asparagus + there was a muffin for dessert :-) I just think it was such a lovely and simple dish and it tasted amazing.

On Tuesday I did the above mentioned newborns session. It was outside Florence and a bonus was this amazing view. I'm thinking about going back some day just to take photos of the landscape.

This is what it looks like when my daughter hits the cats' bowls and they give up and run away instead of having their breakfast :-)

This pic is from the Giardino dell'Orticoltura, where we went with friends on the 1st May mainly for the kids to play and hang out, but also to look at the flower market and eat an ice cream. A really lovely day.

And this one is from Thursday, where I went on a food tour here in Florence. Much more about that next week.

After the tour I saw a Japanese couple of newly weds in Piazza del Duomo. 

Saturday (no pics) was spent at Ikea. Something which I always dread a bit, but this time it went really well. I went with the shuttle bus from the station, Matilde had her first Ikea ice cream (which tasted amazing! I had never tried them before :-)), and I got everything, I came for AND was able to carry it home with me without too many troubles. Now that's what I call pure Ikea success!

And today I redecorated her room and my room.

If you want more Instagrams from me I'm right over HERE. Have a lovely Sunday!

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