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Flags © Birgitte Brondsted

Do you know the feeling of being in a shop where there are just too many pretty things? Like modern kids stores. Everything in there is pastel colored, the clothes are so damn cute you could buy them all, the toys are made of wood, and they are so beautiful, that you wouldn't even mind having them in your living room.

Before becoming a mum I was always fantasizing about all the things, I would buy in these stores one day. And now that I am a mum and actually could buy the things because I have a little girl who could play with the toys and wear the dresses, what do I do? I run away from the shops, or I don't even enter.

Because sometimes too much beauty is just too much. Too much perfectionism, too many things to choose from, which are all equally perfect and lovely and beautiful and cute. I panic, and I leave without buying anything.

And the reason why I'm writing this? It has nothing to do with kids' stores. No, this has to do with photography.

I am currently following so many amazing photography blogs, so many amazing Instagrammers, I see gorgeous photos on Pinterest every day, and I'm even pretty satisfied with my own photography in this period.

Or maybe I'm not. Because the feeling I have had the past week in terms of photography and blogging is the exact same feeling I have about the perfect kids' stores. There are just so many great photos out there. And because I often follow people who have a style that resembles my own style (because that obviously happens to be my taste), I feel like I'm being bombarded with the same beauty again and again every day - from people I follow and from myself.

I don't know what I want to say with all this. I don't even think I want to conclude anything. Maybe some of you know the feeling, and maybe your comments will help me get closer to some answers. Maybe these are just the thoughts of this week, and next week everything will be different.

But right now I feel like I need to get back to some "simple living" in terms of photography. Maybe take less (but better) photos, maybe take different photos... I don't know.

Don't take all this for more than it is (thoughts) :-)

And now, here is a recap of my week:

Summer hit Florence from one day to another, and it is now HOT. Even at night. We are eating our dinner at the balcony and I'm spending some fabulous moments in the hammock.

I discovered the VSCO cam app and the Over app. Two more apps which will be helpful in adding even more gorgeous photos to this world :-)

Florence © Birgitte Brondsted

We went to the park and hung out for hours with good friends and ice cream.

Giardino dell'Orticoltura Florence © Birgitte Brondsted

We went to the pool for the first time in Florence. Matilde adored it, I got some sun. My goal is to check out all the major pools in Florence over the summer. Will let you know all about it, when research is done!  

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Piscina Bellariva Florence © Birgitte Brondsted

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