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Copenhagen © Birgitte Brondsted

As you know, this week I returned to Florence. As wonderful as it is to travel, to go back to Copenhagen and to go and see new places (Berlin), I always very much enjoy the return back home. I love it when the unpacking of the suitcase is done, when the house has been cleaned, new things which I have brought home have been put in their places and I can just sit down and relax and enjoy that I am... HOME.

This time was no different.

However, let's start from the beginning of the week, when I was still in Copenhagen.

On my last day I met with Anya from Anya Adores. This is something we have done every time I return home since we met last year. The first time we ever met was at Granny's in Søborg. We were just going to get a coffee and well... meet, but we ended up talking for hours having a really great time.

Ever since then it's been a tradition to meet for coffee, brunch or lunch and just talk and talk, mostly about blogging and photography, because they are our passions, but not only.

On Monday we met in the charming Jægersborggade and had lunch together with Anya's gorgeous daughter, who I got to meet for the first time. Like always we talked and talked, had some great salads, and even took a few photos.

This is Anya: (And if you like interior design, especially Nordic, you should check out her blog immediately - see link above).

When Anya left, I decided to grab my camera and take a few pics in Jægersborggade. I also checked out some shops for you, but more about that next week (or the week after :-)).

For now here are some of the photos I took, and remember that I have a whole post dedicated to Jægersborggade.

Jægersborggade Copenhagen © Birgitte Brondsted

Jægersborggade Copenhagen © Birgitte Brondsted

Tuesday was the big travel day, and we finally returned to Florence. So good to be home. Since returning home I have spent a lot of time getting a whole lot of little things done. 

I have cleaned up my photo archives on my Mac, something which has been needed for like a really long time. I finally sat down, deleted a LOT of bad photos, renamed folders and finally removed a lot of photos from the computer, obviously after backing them up properly! It feels so good. Exactly like emptying your closet for things you don't need anymore. And most importantly: I hope my computer will be a little faster from now on. 

And in case you missed it: This was the week where our Florence City Guide on Design*Sponge went online. Yep, together with four other women in Florence I created a new Florence guide for Design*Sponge. Check it out!

After a break I'm back with Artists and Artisans in Florence and I'm very much looking forward to sharing next week's artist, whose portraits I shot this week, since she has special part in all of this. So make sure to stop by next Thursday.

Next week will be full of Berlin posts. And speaking of Berlin I have made some changes to the Berlin guide, so it's now built up as the other guides with an index and the possibility to search for places within neighborhoods and categories. It's still a small guide, but I have quite a few places yet to share.

Friedrichshain Berlin © Birgitte Brondsted

Yesterday I did yet another maternity session with a lovely American couple and their sweet little girl who will soon become a big sister. We did the photos in the lovely Giardino di Villa il Ventaglio and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you as soon as I get the editing done. 

Here is a little sneak peek, though. 

Maternity photography © Birgitte Brondsted

It's been a while, since I've shared some of my favorite blogs with you. I have just updated my blog roll and I have moved it to the front page, so you can easily find it. I hope you will check out some of the amazing blogs, I myself read every day. Here are some of my latest discoveries: 

Belle & chic is full of amazing wedding photography from Southern Europe.

Dejlige days is a great Copenhagen blog written by the sweet Melanie, who I met at The Hive.

Flying house by traveling mama is another Copenhagen blog written by one of the speakers at The Hive, Tina Fussell.

Hjartesmil is a blog full of great photography and words about daily life and expat life in London, written by a young Norwegian girl.

Sistermag Fabulous e-mag written by the two sisters Thea and Toni, whom I also met in Berlin. Check out their latest Italy issue!

The fresh exchange Great photography and typography. Perfect combination and deeply inspirational.

The little room of style A great blog written by Jocelyn, yet another lovely Hive participant.

You are my wild A group of photographers share a photo of their kids each week.

Enjoy your reading and enjoy your Sunday! And remember that you can follow the link to read more THIS WEEK posts.


  1. IHHHHH tak *blush blush* tak for de søde ord og de super smukke billeder - og jeg hyggede mig MAX, som altid med dig,
    Knus sødeste søde,

  2. Thank you so much for the mention :) And also commenting on my blog so that I found yours. It's lovely! I've been to Italy a million times but never to Florence... I want to go soo bad! It looks amazing.


    1. Well, Carin, it's an honor to have you hear :-) Your blog is among my absolute favorites, so I hope you will stay around as a reader of A DUSTY OLIVE GREEN :-)


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