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If you have read my posts from yesterday and the day before, you have probably already guessed what I am going to share today: Yes, it's the third and (at least for now) last review of outdoor swimming pools in Florence.

Piscina Paolo Costoli is located in the area called Campo di Marte, near the stadium, and the very first thing I should tell you about this place is that you must not forget to bring some ID, when you go here. I have already made one trip to the pool without ID, and there is nothing to do. You don't get in. So remember to bring your passport or identity card. 

Another thing which you (unfortunately) need to bring to Costoli is a swim cap. You know, how I hate those ugly fellows, but at Costoli they are required, if you go into the water. 

Aside from the swim caps Costoli is a great pool. There are two pools for adults, one which is 50 meters long, and another one which is for diving. A third pool is for kids and it's really great. There is something for both little ones and bigger children, and it's located near the lawns, so you don't have to go far, in case you have a sun bed and want to relax, while the children are playing.

Costoli also has two bars and a restaurant, so there are plenty of possibilities for eating or snacking. 

My guess is that Costoli is going to be my preferred pool in the future, since it's close to where I live, and it's very child friendly.

Viale Malta 4. T. +39 055 9061591

Piscina Costoli Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

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