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Today I'll share part II of my outdoor swimming pools in Florence review. You can read the other posts HERE.

Le Pavoniere is probably the most known pool in Florence. It's located inside the park Le Cascine, and this was definitely my favorite of the three I visited.

The surroundings are very lovely, it's clean, you don't need to wear a swim cap :-) (always on the top of my list when reviewing pools!), and lots of sun beds available.

There is one big minus though, and this is also why I probably won't come back here for quite some time. Le Pavoniere doesn't have a pool for small children. There is a children's pool, but it's for bigger ones, and the only place toddlers can dip their feet into the water is on a sort of catwalk (covered by water) in between the two pools. It can work, but it's not the best solution, since you constantly need to hold their hands, so they don't fall or jump into one of the bigger pools or get run over by the many people hanging out on the catwalk.

Like the other pools Le Pavoniere also has a bar, where you can buy snacks and light dishes.

In the evening Le Pavoniere turns into a restaurant and a night club, and I can only imagine what a great place it must be during summertime.

Via della Catena 2. Parco delle Cascine. T. +39 055 362233

Piscina Le Pavoniere Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted


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