this week

I am sitting in the dark on my balcony taking a much needed foot bath while writing this. Completely useless information for you readers, but I thought it would make a nice intro :-)

I have finally started taking photos again. Not a lot, but a few nice ones. Here is the first one, which you may have already seen on my Facebook page.

I'm still laying a bit low on the photography part. On the other hand I'm getting a lot of other practical things done these days, so I guess the photography break has been really good for me.

My mum returned to Copenhagen this week, so now I'm on my own again meaning I'm a little bit more busy. Before she left we had a couple of nice lunches though. One at La Sana Gola and one at Il Kortile, which I still owe you a post about. Both really great.

This week I also did a quick little portrait session, I finally put up some old frames I have from my grandma, and... sales started in Florence.

Actually most shops already started some weeks ago with 30% off unofficially, and I have already been out there emptying Dixie for trousers and tank tops and buying three identical shirts from The Store (in three different colors and three different sizes, because that was all there was left!).

It's so typical me. When I finally find something I really like, I want it in all possible colors. Let's hope I don't regret it.

Well, I better get inside, before my feet dissolve completely. Have a lovely Sunday evening for what's left of it and remember that you can read more THIS WEEK posts here.

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