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Wow, I just realized that I haven't taken any photos with my Canon this week. Well, except for three useless photos of my daughter. This means that you are gonna have to do with some Instagrams. I know those of you following me on Instagram have already seen them, but at least this time they are accompanied by words.

So, let's get started.

The photo above was taken at Le Cascine, where I go twice every week for a run. Never in my life have I been this consistent with my running, and I am absolutely hooked. I keep increasing my distance and this week I hit all records running 9,5 chilometres one day. (Sorry I have no idea what this is in miles for those of you outside the metric system).

These two photos are from one of our favorite playgrounds, Pettini-Burresi. We love to come here by the end of the day when temperatures are getting a bit more chilly. We hang out and eat ice cream or covaccino from the pizzeria across the street. This week I even met another Dane there. Who would have guessed other Danes live in Le Cure!!

Yesterday I did a bit of shopping in the center. I bought some photography equipment for a new project  I am going to try out: Self portraits.

Understand me right: I have absolutely no need to photograph myself, but it's a fact that I don't have ONE single decent photo of myself, much less a professionally looking one. That is absolutely unacceptable for a photographer, so next week I will try out some of Christina's tips for taking self portraits. I will of course share the result with you if I manage to create something decent...

After shopping me and Matilde went to have lunch at 5 e Cinque. Actually I had lunch. She was too busy saying ciao to everyone at the restaurant. Not once. No, constantly from we arrived until we left. It's a phase :-)

And today was pool day. We went to try out the third outdoor swimming pool on my list, Costoli at Campo di Marte.

Except for the fact that sun beds were sold out, when we arrived (The photo above was taken from my very lousy place under a tree, on the ground with absolutely no grass left. I was of course jealously photographing the sun bed I couldn't have), it was really great. However, Sundays are always the worst days for visiting these places. Simply too many people. I will write a post next week about the three pools I have visited so far.

And finally this was the week where my article came out on sisterMAG + I gave away some tips for escaping the heat in Florence on The Florentine.

Have a lovely Sunday evening!

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