this week

This week has been yet another busy one. I wonder when I will ever have a proper vacation. And no, trips to Copenhagen don't count, because first of all I always end up working (and I sure don't complain about this, as I am the one searching for the assignments, so I am only thrilled when they come to me, but it still means that it's not a proper vacation), and second well, it's just Copenhagen, my hometown.

I can't remember when I have had a proper vacation the last time, as in lying on the beach, eating ice cream, reading great books, having exotic dinners on the beach, listening to languages I don't understand... Can you tell I'm sort of dreaming about a little Greek island? It would be so nice, but it's not going to be now.

When you can't travel to exotic places the next best thing is having great friends coming to you for a visit. This weekend I had not one but two amazing girlfriends coming to Florence. One with her newly wed husband, coming all the way from Copenhagen and one coming from Rome with her beautiful daughter who has around the same age as Matilde, which made them a perfect match. 

We had the best day in Florence. Lunch in Piazza Santo Spirito in the shadow in an outdoor restaurant (not the best food though), and afterwards walks around the city, coffee and lots of talking and catching up. The perfect day. 

Today we are relaxing at home. Matilde is sleeping right now and I think we may just consider going out for an ice cream and some playground fun when she wakes up. 

Enjoy your Sunday and remember that you can read more THIS WEEK posts here.


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